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Thread: Firewall vs Free Firewall ?

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    Cool Firewall vs Free Firewall ?

    I just got myself thinking too much if the "ZoneAlarm Free Firewall" forum is suitable for those who actually have a license... Specially because there's no "ZoneAlarm PAID Firewall"...


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    Smile Re: Firewall vs Free Firewall ?


    I'm sorry that you did not understand the Concept of having a single TOPIC Area for the "ZoneAlarm Free Firewall" dedicated for discussion of Issues with the FREE Product..

    and then ALL of the Other TOPIC Areas are used to discus issues with the many different Features of the Four (4) PAID versions of Zone Alarm..

    thank you
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    Default Re: Firewall vs Free Firewall ?

    The paid version of ZA firewall is called ZAPRO. Depending on the issue you will need to identify the right section of this forum. If you are using ZAPRO, any section other than ZAfree, antivirus, web protection, datalock and imsecurity should do it.

    If you have a license of ZAPRO you can contact, free of charge the ZA technical support at the link in my signature.

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