I have never had issues with ZA until this latest version, (the one that my ZA says is up to date), version:, (but ZA's website says version: is the latest).
I searched for that ever, size growing file, tvdebug.log, and read that unless you plan to 'debug', send errors to, ZA, you can turn off the 'debug', or at least, 'set the debug level'. I remember in previous versions when you held ctrl/shift and right clicked the ZA icon in the Notification Area of Windows7, it gave access to 'set the debug level; don't work, not available in this version: of ZA.
When I discovered there was a version:, I searched and found a download for it on ZA's site, downloading as I type. .. What I wanted to express and hopefully, find an explanation to my curiosity of, is why version: says it is up to date when I see that there is a version:, ... and if possible, is the ever, size growing tvdebug.log necessary, and how can I set the 'debug level' in version:

Mike Grieff