After several attempts I finally came up with the CheckPoint page directions to remove remnants of previous Firewalls (those which come preinstalled in new machines). Using the “erasers” linked in the CheckPoint page I have been able to clean my machine, unload the ZA Firewall+Antivirus 30-days-trial and installed it successfully.

I have done it, right today, just four hours ago. Now it seems that all the old problems I have been having since V8, seem to have disappeared. The veteran V7 Security Suit is still running in an even more veteran computer.

Now, However I already have the Firewall V10 30-days-trial), and I see that it finally works for me, I wanted to check the “30-days-trial Extreme Version” too. In other words I wanted to uninstall right now this Firewall +Antivirus 30-days-trial I got today and install the corresponding Extreme -30-days-trial, but wonder whether I am going to be allowed to do that.

Besides, if I experience any problem with the Extreme I wanted to know whether I would be able to go back to the Firewall+Antivirus to finish the trial.

Too long and too messy post, I know; but, please be patient, I am sorry

I hope I have made my point.

Kind regards,