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Thread: AntiVirus causes lag in Online Game (World Of Tanks)

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    Default AntiVirus causes lag in Online Game (World Of Tanks)

    When I have Zone Alarm Antivirus running, it delays my starting into the online game They're 15 minute rounds, and starting with 12 or 13 minutes left is not what I'd like - so I usually shut ZoneAlarm down if I'm going to play.

    With ZoneAlarm closed, I enter the game 30 seconds before anything starts.

    I have tried putting it into "Game Mode", but that doesn't make a difference. I have waited until ZoneAlarm finishes it's scan upon my computer starting up before I try to play the game as well.

    Is there anything else I should try ?
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    Default Re: AntiVirus causes lag in Online Game (World Of Tanks)

    Sorry, all users here. Probably best to troubleshoot the issue with the official ZA technical support at the link in my signature. Look for the live chat link.

    Let us know in case you find the source of the problem.


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