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Thread: Slow boot up - ZA and WIN XP

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    Angry Slow boot up - ZA and WIN XP

    On my notebook PC (with ZA 10 now) , it takes forever to boot up.

    This was a problem in ZA 9... on bootup, it ZA would run a daily update and take 10 minutes before my PC was usable. All programs ran EXTREMELY slow and the Internet was suuuuuuper slow.

    Now, in ZA 10 it takes 20 minutes to run the update before my computer becomes usable.

    Thank goodness, I haven't updated on my main PC. This new version has some issues.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Windows taking FOREVER to boot up...

    Must be something related to your notebook considering it is slow across two main ZA releases.

    It is probably better to test other firewalls up to when you find one that plays well with your laptop. Here boot up is fast and certantly faster than in version 9.

    If instead you want to try to fix the issue then please contact directly the ZA technical support at the link in my signature. They are the only ones that can collect logs, troubleshoot and eventually escalate to development.


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