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Thread: IE Has Encounter A Problem....

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    I'm getting a lot of Internet Explorer error messages since installing 10.0.250. The ones that read: Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. Happens way too often. Has anyone else experienced this problem? It does it on my desktop and laptop.

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    I have the same problem, the way I have kinda fixed it is not having the browser virtualization on. With this off I get no IE8 has encountered a problem messages, with it on get IE8 has encountred a problem on a regular basis.

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    This is normally due to corrupted ZA virtual cache or corrupted or incompatible add-ons (it happens if you install IE add-ons while ZA virtualization is ON).

    To correct it, you will need to clear the virtual cache (ZA web security --> settings) as well as IE own cache. Also you may need to fully reset IE as explained here: README FIRST: ForceField Toolbar - Common Resolutions to Problems
    (it refers to previous forcefield but its the same as the current ZA web security).

    Finally, to avoid problems in the future always ensure ZA virtualization is turned OFF before installing/updating IE or any of the add-ons you use.


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