I upgraded Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite to 10.0.250. Afterwards, I signed up for the free Online Backup feature for the 2Gb of backup storage.

Now, ZAISS still says that "2 Gb of storage space is available but not activated."

When the scheduled run completes, the log says "Scheduled Backup - Failed." The details say "Unable to perform the Backup operation, Reason : There are no items found in the Backup set. Please check the contents of the Backup set."

When I click Settings and launch the backup application and then click Backup Now, the backup runs with no problems.

What is wrong with the link between ZAISS and the backup application that it won't recognize my backup set when it launches as scheduled, but will run when I launch it manually? Is there an account name conflict somewhere between my license for ZAISS and the ID from iDrive?

Steve S