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Thread: [SOLVED] Program Control in Free ZA --> Uncheck "Allow certified Microsoft prog"

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    lazwatson Guest

    Default [SOLVED] Program Control in Free ZA --> Uncheck "Allow certified Microsoft prog"


    I installed the free firewall a few hours ago (9.2.106), and disabled SmartDefense Advisor in the Program Control -> Main dialog. There are a number of programs in the program control list that were picked up automatically, I presumed before I changed the SDA setting, and one of those is the normal Ping command.

    If I remove that entry, I expected I would get an alert when ping tried to do its thing; instead, it works fine (seems to usually have a slightly higher delay on the first response, though can't be sure that's my end) and its entry is automatically recreated in the program control list.

    Its entry, though, is 'Ask' for all, but obviously it's not asking... just working.

    Obviously I'm not too worried in regards to ping itself, as I used it just to test that the firewall was working properly, and now I have my doubts. Am I wrong to expect that I can bypass the 'automatic' feature and determine manually exactly which programs are allowed through the firewall?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    lazwatson Guest

    Default Re: Program Control in Free ZA

    Ok, worked it out

    I missed the 'Advanced' button in the Program Control -> Main dialog. That had the 'Allow certified Microsoft programs to run automatically' option enabled, switched that off and I get a prompt when I run Ping.

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