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Thread: ZASS issues with IE8, still and random scans too

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    Default ZASS issues with IE8, still and random scans too

    SInce installing this latest version I have problems with IE8 opening. Sometimes it will, other times it will start to load, hang up, and I have to go close all instances that show up in the Task Manager, before I can get a running IE 8 window. Other times it doesn't load at all and I have to again go close running instances of it via Task Manager. This never happened before the ZASS update to this version, and it is happening on 2 of my computers now. I have used the cleaner utility provided by tech support in a chat and reinstalled, but I have the same issue still.
    THe other issue is on one of the computers the virus scan runs everyday after the computer loads. I don't have it set to run everyday.
    Any information would be great.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: ZASS issues with IE8, still and random scans too


    as you started containg support you should coming back to them reporting that the solution proposed did not work and ask for follow-up suggestions.

    Please keep following-up with them to have the issue logged, troubleshooted and eventually escalated if bugs are found. This is the only way to have the issue fixed (eventually). Obviously more users report your same issue faster will be the escalating to development team.

    Please post back as soon as you find a solution. It will help other users with similar problems.


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