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Thread: Updates - why the full file? ==> MultiPlatform, installer XP/Vista/Win7 32&64bit supt

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    Question Updates - why the full file? ==> MultiPlatform, installer XP/Vista/Win7 32&64bit supt

    Just wondering if anyone knows why ZoneAlarm requires a full un-install and re-install of the whole programme for each update? Other programmes (apart from iTunes) seem to manage by updating just part of the programme and not the whole thing (e.g. just imagine if we had to uninstall and re-install Office each month when Microsoft release updates).

    The reason I ask is that I've had to do it three or four times over the last month to fix the problems with the new release (scanning every boot and av not updating) - and downloading 200Mb, uninstalling, cleaning, and then reinstalling the whole product (then downloading parental controls as a separarate product now) on two PCs takes quite a lot of time.

    Couldn't CheckPoint issue just the part of the programme that has changed?

    I realise 'we are all users here' but wonder if anyone knows.


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    I doubt that Customer support can answer that question..

    Sorry only the ZA developers may know why executables and compressed files in new updates are distributed in Full File size..

    However, Part of the reason may be that all of the install files are(MultiPlatform, installers that will install on Both WinXP SP3 and Vista 32-bit & 64bit and Windows7 32bit & 64bit)
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