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Thread: Require password to allow a program temporary internet access

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    sapdeacon Guest

    Default Require password to allow a program temporary internet access

    Branch 10, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security
    Main Menu>=Computer>=Application Control>=Advanced Settings>=Advanced>=Alerts & Functionality

    Please explain the functionality and purpose of the checkbox item;
    "Require password to allow a program temporary internet access"

    Looking for guidance,
    Thanks in advance

    Indecently, I did use the "Search" function for the forums, faq, documentation, and online guides.

    and yes, I saw the sticky's for
    Stop all internet access + Internet Lock + Workaround

    Permanently allow or deny with za10

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    Default Re: Require password to allow a program temporary internet access

    Good spot! Never realised there was such option! LoL.

    Sorry all users here, its best you contact the ZA technical support directly and ask them. Link to support is in my signature (look for the live chat link).

    As a wild could be linked to the password you can set to lock ZA configuration and settings. Have you tried to create a password, select to allow other users to use programs, (then logout) and then run a a new application that requires access to internet?

    Let us know what you find, it will help other users with your same question.

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    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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