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Thread: Daily Scans on Windows 8

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    Default Daily Scans on Windows 8

    .250 still does not fix the daily scans issue on either of my Win 8 machines. The machines go into a scan at startup regardless of the settings you select. One is a new Thinkpad T420s, the other a Win 8 home build computer. I have had to uninstall and go back to version 9.

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    please note that ZA does not support windows 8. Sorry.
    If you plan to run ZA on a released OS, be sure to report the issue to ZA technical support. They do not monitor this board.

    Link to technical support is in my signature. Look for the live chat link on the main page.

    I am closing this thread since you have already resolved the issue by moving back to an old version. If you have any useful information to post about the resolution of the problem with the current ZA 10 please do not hesitate to PM me. I will open the thread again, it may help other users looking for similar solutions.

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