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Thread: cant find server / anti virus update

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    avoglade Guest

    Angry cant find server / anti virus update

    using Xp professional ,we keep getting a Error message when attemping to down load Anti Virus software. Over several emails ZA have sent us "suggestions" on how to fix this error. None worked. ~~ offtopic ~~
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    Default Re: cant find server / anti virus update

    Sorry all user here, no ZA staff.
    You need to go back to ZA official technical support and report that what they have suggested did not work.

    ZA never had e-mail support to contact, only LIVE CHAT. You can find the link to support in my signature (click on the LIVE CHAT icon as soon as on their main support page).


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    Default Re: cant find server / anti virus update

    Quote Originally Posted by avoglade View Post
    thanks for reply. We have gone back and fro with ZA over several e mails and they Do know that none of their advice has worked.
    I am sorry but we don't offer email or phone support due to the 3 - 7 day delay in exchanging information.

    the Only way is to return to Tech Support Live Chat and troubleshoot the issue with Technical Support, they can Collect ZA Logs and escalate the issue directly to the Developers (if needed)..
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    fusspot Guest

    Default Re: cant find server / anti virus update

    Until 1 day ago I had ZA-AV 9 on XP-Pro 32bit and AV updates which had stopped working at least 7 days ago.

    I got a product-update reminder pop-up, said OK and got a browser page with a product-update link. I followed the link and it downloaded

    I kept a note of my ZA-AV 9 license info from Main / Overview
    I disconnected from the internet and shutdown ZA-AV 9

    I did a clean uninstall ZA-AV 9 using this link

    I installed zaAvSetup_100_250_000_en.exe which installed ZA-AV 10.0 (which is radically different from v9), connected back to the internet and clicked 'Update' and GOT THE SAME ERROR - CANNOT CONNECT TO UPDATE SERVER!!!!

    I then talked to live chat support and they said there was a known issue with 100_250_000 (ZA-AV v10.0) and that the one to use is (ZA-AV v10.1)

    They said use the 'clean' tool in the to uninstall 100_250_000 and then install 101_035_000

    As the user-interface change from v9 to v10 is very dramatic I thought I'd re-install my familiar v9, especially as I like the Program control part of v9 which completely disappears in v10. However when I did re-install v9 the AV definitions were those bundled with the installer and not the latest ones and because the original reason for having to do all this is the lack of connection to the update server I ended up at a worse position. Plus I lost the automatic remembering of the license key because I had reverted back to ZA AV 9 (so it was lucky that I had written the license key down before starting this whole thing).

    The realisation is that once you uninstall ZA-AV v9 with a 'clean' tool you're committed to a journey of having to find a working version ZA-AV v10.

    So I clean uninstalled ZA-AV v9 again and installed 101_035_000. It is very keen to add toolbars into your browser and even though I specified do not install browser tool bars it did it anyway ~~snip~~ However with 101_035_000 installed updates are now working and the product is ZA-AV 10.1. The first update downloaded 60 MiB or so.
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