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    Quote Originally Posted by hanging View Post
    One problem I consistently encounter is that when I "reset" functions on the ZAES, they do not "hold" and I have had this problem for quite some time, even with versions older than what I am now using. So I must continually check these options to ensure that they are set as I want them, and that they will not revert to settings I do not want. Hanging
    You will need to wait for the latest version of ZA that will address several problems of this kind as well as the compatibility with FF7. No use now to try to fix it with the wrong version of ZA.

    Next time try to be more specific on the issues you experience. Which exact errors do you see? What kind of settings are not hold, etc? Explain well, add screenshot if you can. It will help a lot other users to understand your problems and to try to help.

    For your case it really better you keep going back to ZA official support, they are the only ones that will be able to give you basic instructions, easy to understand, that you can follow.

    To avoid problem with FF always remember to install updates, add-ons and firefox related software with ZA virtualization always OFF. Otherwise follow the instruction to reset firefox in the readmefirst thread.

    Next version will be released very soon. You will have not to wait too long. Remember to:

    - fully remove your current ZA
    - Double check firefox works as it should
    - Install the new version when released

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