I recently upgraded ZoneAlarm Extreme Security to version

I did not previously have the anti-spam enabled and it still shows "off" in the monitor.

I don't require any PC level anti-spam as my service provider runs a great ant-spam service which holds suspicious e-mail for online checking.

I also use Mailwasher to check all my inboxes and delete any **** that sneeks past the above system there.

I now get inconsistent "SonicWall" JUNK/UNKUNK toolbars whenever I open most e-mail messages in Outlook 2003. It also introduced new ZoneAlarm related folders and automatically sent some of my inbound e-mail there.

I cannot use Outlook's customization to permanently delete these toolbars as they reappear with any new message.

A further pain is that if I choose UNJUNK for a message, then it closes reading of the message and I have to reopen it.

Further, if I open a message with a follow-up flag which currently doesn't show these toolbars, then they reappear if I change any of the follow-up details.

How do I get my system configured back to the way it was before this upgrade.