Very sorry, guys. I might have plain missed any install docs for ZES10, but all Ive found so far is this link:

From what Ive read on this forum, there's some things I think Ill need some additional information on when it comes to installing this specific version. (Specifically the internet thing.)

Anyway, normally I can find those pages right away, apologies. Basically any sort of release notes for installing ZA10 is what Im after.

Below are some things Im dealing with, regarding this upgrade. Wonder if any folks out there could make any observations or give any advice about stuff I may need to consider.

ZA V. 9.1.008 (Extreme Security)

- I am currently encountering the "renew" email error, where my ZA is set to expire, despite the fact that I got the renewal email

- My version is no longer supported, so I have downloaded the newest install (100_250) so I can upgrade and then deal with any license issues, (if there still are any) using the current version. This way, if I do need to chat with support, Ill be up to date.

- I am (still) on dial up, and I am not connected to the internet when I boot up.

Other things to consider:

- I am not upgrading to a faster internet connection for a while. (January) But I need to upgrade asap, so I can continue to have a working product.