hi, i have a problem with my current configuration of my virus scanners. although everything works ok. every time i start up my PC i get this message.

The warning reads :–
Conflicting Anti-Virus found warning.
ZoneAlarm has discovered these conflicting anti-virus products on your computer.
“AVG anti-virus” To avoid potential problems, ZoneAlarm Automatic (on access) anti-virus scanning will be blocked. You wont be able to turn on while conflicting products are installed.

Check box reads: I want to override this block and leave on access scanning on.
This may cause stability problems.

my current security items are.

Zone alarm extreme security (anti-virus and firewall.)
AVG link scanner.(link scanner only)
spy bot search and destroy.

now, i do not want to remove any, AVG is just a link scanner and has no anti-virus components. i used an AVG removal tool to make sure and replaced it with just the link scanner.

this appears that Zone Alarm is identifying AVG as a virus scanner when it is a link scanner. in short confusing itself it believing AVG is an active virus scanner.

this warning message is annoying and i would rather find a way to on start-up have ZONE Alarm automatically activate it's override so i do not need to see that annoying conflict warning every time.