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Thread: [Solved] Zonealarm Free 9.2 Issue With Windows 7

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    y01nk Guest

    Default [Solved] Zonealarm Free 9.2 Issue With Windows 7

    Zonealarm appears unable to block the operating system from network/internet access, unless the internet lock is engaged.

    System configuration:
    I have a fresh install of Windows7 Home Premium 64bit (retail). I then installed the latest version of Zonealarm Free firewall (version
    I then went to the program control and blocked all server (trusted and internet) access; then I set all client access (server and client) to ask mode.

    Tests ran:
    I proceeded to launch internet explorer and attempted to access which it did successfully without prompting me for an access decision.
    I rebooted my computer and repeated the test, same result.
    I installed the windows updates, which downloaded and installed successfully without prompting me for an access decision.
    I engaged internet lock - this time explorer was blocked from internet access.
    I installed AVG 2012.0.1869. When the program attempts to download updates, i do receive prompts for access decisions.
    I installed firefox 7.0.1, and receive prompts for access decisions.

    Any ideas?

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    y01nk Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm Free 9.2 Issue With Windows 7

    Thank you, that setting corrected the issue.

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