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Thread: Sudden loss of internet connection

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    Default Sudden loss of internet connection

    Hello, I am running Windows XP Pro 2002 (SP3), with Zone Alarm Xtreme Security Ver (A/V update, also have MBAM Malware Bytes installed.

    Everything has been the same for the last year or so, and worked great until about a week ago and my virus scan came up with several trojan type viruses (don't remember what type)... I deleted them... I am not sure if that was when I lost internet connection, as I rarely use the PC, usually use my laptop.

    I do know it seemed to work ok with them in quarantine... unless I finally caught one bad enough to shut me down... my daughter has a way of picking stuff up while I am gone.

    Now I am not quite sure how to get it all back online.

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    Default Re: Sudden loss of internet connection


    please follow ALL the steps as suggested here:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance <== click here

    considering you have been infected by malware you should really have a close look to this:
    xyz was not detected. What I should do? <== Click here

    Sticky: New Release <== click here for latest version of Zone Alarm Extreme Security
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