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Thread: [SOLVED] zonealarm free installer crashes --> Threatfire conflict

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    irazor Guest

    Default [SOLVED] zonealarm free installer crashes --> Threatfire conflict

    I just downloaded "zaSetupWeb_101_056_000.exe" and tried to install it. But unfortunately the installer crashes at 23% on the configuration page. I tried it multiple times (with reboots, and uninstalled everything with clean.exe) but without success.

    My System:
    Windows 7 x64

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    Smile Re: zonealarm free installer crashes


    This usually happens for several Reasons..

    1.) a Bad or corruted or incomplete Downloaded installer file?

    Delete bad file and Download a Fresh copy from link below:

    ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

    2.) other installed Security Software may be blocking the install of ZA Free..

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    irazor Guest

    Default Re: zonealarm free installer crashes

    I disabled my AV Scanner (MSSE) and downloaded the new version of ZA free (zaSetup_101_065_000.exe).

    Same Problem. Installer chrashes at 23% on the Config Page.

    Besides that: The Installer installed the Browser addons although i unchecked the corresponding checkbox.

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    Newk Yuler Guest

    Default Re: zonealarm free installer crashes

    I'm having the same problem with two computers running Win XP SP3 and Win 7 x64 SP1. Both machines were running a recent version of ZoneAlarm Free and both got the upgrade notification today (Nov 11). Both went through the automated upgrade and both stopped installing with the configuration at about 20%. I then downloaded the full install exe for the new version. Uninstall/reinstall similarly failed in the configuration several times including after running the clean utility. Tried installing in safe mode and found it wouldn't in safe mode (makes sense). Uninstalled and ran the clean utility again on both machines and installed zaSetup_92_106_000_en without a hitch on both machines (while all AV protection was fully enabled). Shut off auto update in ZA for the time being.

    I'm running Avira Free and Threatfire on both machines (tried installing new ZA with program guards disabled) and Zemana AntiLogger on the Win 7 x64 machine. I figured Zemana couldn't be the problem because it's not installed on the XP machine.

    I have notifications enabled for this thread. I'm going to stay with the previous version until install issues are resolved. I have a lot of appreciation and respect for ZoneAlarm Free. I've been using it in my computers for a long time and I'm not giving up now.

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    irazor Guest

    Default Re: zonealarm free installer crashes

    I successfully installed the new ZA free.
    The Problem was 'ThreatFire', which was installed but disabled.
    After uninstalling this application, the ZA installer has finished with success.

    Anyway the installer shouldn't just crash. And it shouldn't install browser plugins when the checkbox is unchecked.

    And another issue: I cannot allow a program to connect to the internet just once anymore. Is it a feature of the pro version now?

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    Default Re: [SOLVED] zonealarm free installer crashes --> Threatfire conflict

    Thank you very much for taking the time to report how you resolved the issue!

    I understand perfectly your input. I have moved the discussion related to program control in the right thread (here) to keep this thread on the subject and help users browsing here finding easily solutions to problems.

    Since the issue is resolved I will be closing it. Do not hesitate to open a new therad for any other ZA product related problem.

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