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Thread: Anti-Virus not properly set

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    Default Anti-Virus not properly set

    I'm using, and the anti-virus & anti-spyware function keeps shutting "OFF". I have to manually click on "ON", but it goes back to "OFF" within 10 seconds. I'm downloading as I write this to see if this problem has been fixed. Otherwise, does anyone know what's going on?

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    this is normally due to a bad install and/or due to left overs at the time of install. Build 056 had no issues of AV/AS not properly set.

    I would reccomend you remove your current version very carefully, first via the OS, then by running the ZA removal tool (clean.exe), then via manually check that NO checkpoint or zonealarm or zonelabs folder are left on the system.

    I would also ensure you have NO other security tools installed, clean the system and registry with ccleaner and only after all of this install the latest version.

    Hope this helps.

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