Firstly, my previous post ('Traffic monitor AWOL' if I remember correctly) appears to have vanished without trace. It's as if I'd never posted - ever - spooky.

1. Traffic monitor may have been "fluff", but it was an on screen indication of problems. Shouldn't have to actively monitor a security programme. Why no fault indication?

2. The "Internet At Risk" problem seems to be related to the Windows Defender problem that was supposed to have been addressed. There's also a contradiction in the wording. If "Internet At risk", how come "Your Web browsing is safe from phishing"?

3. Hovering over the taskbar ZA icon, I get ZoneAlarm Your computer is protected, even when I have the "Internet At Risk" message.

4. In Windows Task Manager, Applications, I see ZoneAlarm Protection is up UI is initializing, when UI is clearly initialized as I have it up on screen.