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Thread: [SOLVED] Installation Problem --> run the ZA removal tool

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    GuitarGeorge Guest

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    Used ZoneAlarm for many years. In a nutshell downloaded a Trial Version in error. Then tried to install free version and received message to uninstall trial version first and then install free version. All seemed okay but then I could not access the internet and Skype would not connect. No applications were listed so it looks like some configuration file has gone missing. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version with same results. I use Win XP Home Edition SP and AVG Anti Virus. At the moment I have ZA uninstalled although program files for Checkpoint and Zonealarm Security are still showing in the program folder. I have switched on Windows Firewall. Any one have any ideas what I can do to get ZA operating

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    GuitarGeorge Guest

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    Success at last. Ran ZA Removal Tool and then reinstalled ZA Free. Looks okay. I am now a happy man. Good stuff from User Forum.
    Guitar George

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    Thank you very much for taking the time to report back.
    Revising the title to hint to the solution and closing this thread since the problem is resolved.

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