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Thread: [SOLVED] Virtualization Still Fails in ZAES Version 10

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    Default [SOLVED] Virtualization Still Fails in ZAES Version 10

    I am still unable to use browser virtualization in version 10 of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security on my Windows XP SP3 system with IE 8. Yesterday, following detailed advice from Live Chat, I cleanly uninstalled version 10.1.056 (in which virtualization did not work at all) and installed version brand new version 10.1.065. Now when I turn on virtualization, the browser becomes EXTREMELY slow and soon crashes. (When browser virtualization is off, everything SEEMS to be OK.) I had no trouble using virtualization in ZAES version 9.3.037, but all three releases of version 10 that I have tried have failed one way or another.

    QUESTION: Is it better (safer) to run version 9.3.037 with functional virtualization or 10.1.065 without it?
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