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Thread: Windows 8 problem, ZA Dialog box always showing

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    Default Windows 8 problem, ZA Dialog box always showing

    Recently upgraded (???) to windows 8. When I install ZA free the first time a dialog box popped up in the lower right of my screen with a heavy blue "ZoneAlarm" banner at the top and below that a message that said "Suspicious Behavior". Clicking on it several times did nothing so I uninstalled ZA and tried again (about 4 times) same thing each time. I uninstalled and got back to work and let things go for about a week. This morning I tried again to install ZA and now I can only see the top banner (Cannot see the "Suspicious Behavior" message) but I think it is the same banner only partially activated. I have a snip of the screen but I don't see any way on the formum to include it. When I start up the PC desk top looks fine until I click on any icon then this banner pops up. I normally keep my task bar hidden and when I activate it it will cover this dialog. But, this dialog is on top of running programs (I can see it now)
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Windows 8 problem, ZA Dialog box always showing


    Only ZA ver and ZA ver.
    are compatible with Windows 8

    It is Sometimes very Difficult to Diagnose and fix a Computer from halfway across the Country, or around the World,
    without All the Details about your computer it's Software and what type and Version of Zone Alarm that you failed to provide, without our ability to sit in front of your Computer monitor and see what's going on..

    *** NOTICE:

    Please Give the Exact Type and version of Zone Alarm used, Windows Version & SP Update used, Browser type and version, any other security tools installed and type of router or Internet connection used.
    How do you connect to the Internet: Phone Line, Cable Modem, Router, Wifi, Blue Tooth, Osmosis?

    The More information you post the more likely users here will be able to understand the issue and try to help.
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    Default Re: Windows 8 problem, ZA Dialog box always showing


    normally after a fresh install of ZA, the application control is on AUTOlearn and you should not receive any warnings as ZA will learn your running application. If you get them either you have installed ZA without default settings or a some left overs from an old installation are conflicting with the new install.

    I would recommend to run the ZA removal tool (save it to desktop, right click on it, "run as administrator", and after you will be requested to reboot). Unless you have other issues on the system this should be enough to remove any left overs.

    Now try again to install ZA, do not modify default settings.


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    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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