I prefer to install products like ZA while offline, so I am saddened by the current default of a "Setup".exe that downloads the rest from the internet.

While that might make the initial download smaller, it does not make installation safer.

In my current case - I found "Extreme Security" too much in many ways, and before I bought a new computer much too slow (i.e. load for my old 32-bit).

Anyway, today was renewal time, and buying a new version was MUCH cheaper than renewing, so I downgraded to "Internet Security" and now I cannot install without uninstalling the current version and then installing with no protection installed.

Probably, nothing will happen, BUT - Murphy's Law has taught me that these are the times when things do happen.

In short - is there a simple way to get all of the installation.exe so a installation can be done from the download without having the network active?