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Thread: ZoneAlarm 9.3 update error ==> Upgrade to latest Zone Alarm version

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    radicalredneck Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm 9.3 update error ==> Upgrade to latest Zone Alarm version

    I have been having problems this past week with getting AV/AS updates. "Unable to connect to server" - is the basic error.

    I am using version and run Win XP. Current life situation has me living in a *very remote* area and dialup is the only option (yes, I know, one of the three people in America still on that outmoded system).

    I have the full ZA suite on the computer. I haven't had any of these update problems in a LONG time. About every 3-4 months I take the computer to a friend's house with 10 meg connection speed and complete all "large-file" updates.

    Has there been a random issue strike ZA that is causing this issue? I have made no changes in downloaded/installed programs from 1 week ago to now, but the error has been consistent.

    Thanks in advance if someone can offer input...
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