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Thread: Program control: Ask Always?

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    Default Program control: Ask Always?

    ZoneAlarm Free Firewall version:
    Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit

    Under previous versions of ZA, programs in the list marked as "?" for Ask would always pop up the allow/deny box, unless marked in the list with a different automatic action.

    Now it seems that the "remember this choice" option from the popup is gone and choosing to allow first time means allowing always. Changing the green tick back to Ask in the program list makes it ask next time -- then jump back to always allow if permitted the next time.

    This is undesirable; how can I get the old behaviour back?

    I have the network firewall set to Max and Defensenet off. Already uninstalled, rebooted, ran the cleaner, rebooted and reinstalled; no change.

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    Default Re: Program control: Ask Always?

    There is an already open thread:
    Where is the option to remember the program alert setting?

    Please use the search function, at the top forum banner.


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