for the past couple of days I have engaged in on line chat with your Tech Support, but not been able to resolve this problem. I installed the newest version 10.1.065 of ZA Extreme after using an earlier version successfully for years. I have Win 7 Ultimate as my OS. the installation seems to go smoothly, and at the end requires a reboot. When the computer comes back on, there is the icon for ZA, but a message from it says: Initialization is in progress. No matter how long I wait, I cannot get the Moniitor to appear. Your tech support guy has made a couple of suggestions, but none have worked. Because I am keeping the ZA on my system, I have gotten the notice that I am not protected for anti-virus, and if I attempt to install an Av program, I can no longer install ZA. I feel like I am in danger, but there must be some way to get ZA back in operation.
Please help!