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Thread: vsmon.exe bogging the system

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    Default vsmon.exe bogging the system

    I just updated to the latest version of ZA ( last week. Other than not being impressed with the user interface and layout, and dismayed that I can't find any internet lock like I used to have, I'm really getting perturbed with the way vsmon.exe is gobbling up resources.

    When I first boot up in the morning, it's not as much of a problem, but very soon web pages are taking 5-10 seconds to load, when they used to load in 1. Programs on the computer are severely bogging down, and simple file pages seem to take forever to load.

    My previous versions of ZA never caused this problem. I periodically check task manager (running XP with all the updates), just to see what's running, and I've never seen vsmon.exe before. Was it running in the previous version, but minimally? Is it a problem with my installation? (I didn't manually remove the old version before installing 10.1.065.)

    I'm not ready to pony up for Windows 7, but I am ready to start looking for another firewall. Any suggestions. Please feel free to throw this in a different thread if appropriate.



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    Default Re: vsmon.exe bogging the system

    You may want to check this:

    Also search the board, there a plenty of thread with resolved issues with vsmon. This includes resetting ZA settings, booting the system selectively to find conflicting third party software, OS problems, corrupted files, etc.

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    Default Re: vsmon.exe bogging the system

    As far as browser startup time. The new Web Security that is in all paid versions could be causing this issue. So turn it off and reboot your PC then there will be no interference.

    Extra security in the web browser sometimes comes with a 10 second sacrifice, sorry.

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