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Thread: [FIXED] Delete tmp files in C:\...\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\avsys\tem p?

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    Exclamation [FIXED] Delete tmp files in C:\...\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\avsys\tem p?

    There are a couple hundred .tmp files in the C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\avsys\tem p folder dating back to when I installed the current version of ZA.

    Space usage is about 5.5GB and I would like to free that up.

    Can I delete the files?

    Thought that would be a common question, but couldn't find it in a search, no doubt because not using right key words.


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    Exclamation Re: [FIXED] Delete tmp files in C:\...\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\avsys\tem p?

    This issue of excessive AV temp files has been fixed in the latest version

    You can download the latest version from the support web site:

    Here are other fixes and updates to this version.
    Note: not all fixes apply to all products.

    Added: Remember this setting back into the Alerts
    Added: Listview sorting to program list
    Added: Program Trust level can be set from the program listview again
    Added: Toolbar license link and privacy policy links
    Fixed issue: AV Logging enabled in some cases after installation
    Fixed issue: Display issue with treatment of riskware in archives
    Fixed issue: In some cases an AV scan was started after every reboot
    Fixed issue: Display problem with some Application firewall rules
    Fixed issue: Program list view icons are not always displaying correctly in localization builds
    Fixed issue: Default program control setting should be Auto mode for ZA
    Fixed issue: Program list "kill" mode icon not displayed correctly
    Fixed issue: No warning is displayed when a program is set to "kill"
    Fixed issue: AntiSpam version not displayed in Vista/Win7
    Fixed issue: Various other improvements and fixes
    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday__ 24x6
    Closed Sundays and Holidays PST

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