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Thread: locked out of z.a firewall instalation

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    Default locked out of z.a firewall instalation

    hi, the thing is more or less like this: i have been using zone alarm through many years, recently i got a message that i had to upgrade, that the installation i was running was no longer effective, so ok, i am happy with zone alarm, and i am happy being secure, so lets upgrade.
    i download the installer, it starts installing and stuff, but every time it gets to 'configuration', more or less at about 20, 30 or 40% tops, the system crashes. i get an error message from zone alarm and from dr. watson.
    i reset the computer, and when i login again, the zone alarm installer starts running again. note: running zone alarm in a windows xp professional, service pack 3.
    so two options, let it run, and will start from 'configuration' and crash my pc (every time), or stop the execution, and the computer will be really, really slow, either that, or block at all the execution of programs like thunderbird and firefox (i do not know if they are so slow i have not been able to wait till they start, or they are totally blocked)
    so, lets uninstall and try a clean install, lets go to control panel and remove zone alarm. yet, if i try to install again, it will tell me 'looks like you had a previous installation blah blah blah'. so no way to make a clean install. and what does it happen when 'configuring', that may make the computer crash? it was long ago i saw mr. watson saying hello on my device, but some how zone alarm found a way to wake him up... any pointers?


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    Default Re: locked out of z.a firewall instalation


    The Dr. Watson Error, may indicate that your Windows XP SP3
    1.) may be corrupted.. How long has it been since your Hard drive has been Cleaned and Optimized, possible corruption in Windows, or Windows updates?

    2.) you have some other Security Program installed that is Blocking Zone Alarm from being installed and Crashing Windows..

    Follow these instructions Below to clean your computer of the old version and any conflicting 3rd party Security programs, then install a clean new copy of the current supported version of ZA

    The instruction for a clean install are below,

    1. Download the latest ZA version <== click here

    2. Remove your current ZA version (in XP use Windows add/remove programs)

    3. Remove other security tools installed. Use to double check no left overs are present.

    4. Clean your system and registry withthe Free Ccleaner.exe

    5. Download to your desktop and run the ZA removal tool, now reboot after running ZA Removal tool.

    6. Install the latest ZA version without touching any default settings.

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