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Thread: ZAES Corruption of web protection - Re-install needed

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    Default ZAES Corruption of web protection - Re-install needed

    Yesterday my system was strangely slowing down in every service. No advice or notifications received at all. I stopped connection and everything else and looking at ZAES console I discovered in >Internet Section>WEB Security a red note with red exclamation mark telling "NOT protected visiting dangerous sites" (or something similar): SOLVE button NOT working
    Tried first to restore standard settings from preference: charged but in the Internet section the WEB Security, now without red note, was not in evidence (i.e. SOLVE button not working)
    So I tried to restore my backUp setting: results as above.
    Then I checked the system with free Malwarebytes (complete scanning) and found everything clean.
    At last I decided to uninstall, clean everything well and reinstall: everything OK and now working well.
    MORAL, I have not understood at all what happened (such a situation never happened before in about 7-8 years using ZA products) but it is clear that IT IS A MUST TO OFTEN HAVE A LOOK INSIDE THE CONSOLE !

    Note: after reinstall I discovered with pleasure that now Mail Frontier Settings are saved automatically

    Windows XP/SP3/Office 2010
    Versione ZoneAlarm Extreme Security:
    versione vsmon:
    Versione driver:
    Versione motore antivirus:
    Versione file DAT delle firme antivirus:1065499040
    Versione antispam:
    ZoneAlarm Browser Security: 1.5.350.0
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