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Thread: ZAES Scan freezes at 33%

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    Default ZAES Scan freezes at 33%

    On performing a scan in my Zone Alarm Extreme Security product (version, the scan "froze" at 33%, with the file count stopped. Cancelling and restarting the scan resulted in the progress still showing 33%, while the files scanned counter re-started at 0. Pausing the scan and resuming it produced the same result. Even after rebooting the system (HP dv9820us laptop, Win 7 x64 SP1, 4 GB RAM), the result of the scan was the same, with the file count frozen at zero.
    What is happening, and what must be done to resolve this obvious failure?
    Appreciatively, Arbyem
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    Default Re: ZAES Scan freezes at 33%

    I would first try to update your ZA to the latest version and try again. Its important you actually fully remove the installed ZA (from WIN7 uninstall a program) before installing the new one. You can always find the latest version here: Looking for the latest version?

    Do you have other security programs installed even if disabled? If yes, please remove them. You can check for left overs with this tool:

    Then it is also useful (before reinstalling ZA) to do a proper cleaning of your system and registry. You can use the free ccleaner you find here: mind not to install the toolbar while running the ccleaner installer.

    After this you should be pretty fresh and clean to proceed with installing the new ZA. Keep the defaults, do not import any previous setting. At least before checking that scanning works as it should.

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