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Thread: Blocking a domain

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    Default Blocking a domain

    I heard about the new .XXX domain coming out and would like to know how to block all .XXX sites using ZoneAlarm.

    Is this possible?

    Right now I am using Firefox and have a BLOCK SITE plug-in, and am using the *.XXX to block the sites, which works, but I'd like to do this in ZoneAlarm if possible.

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    If you have the latest Zone Alarm Security Suite or Extreme Security, Then you can Turn on "Parental Controls" you may be able to block Domains..

    To find the Parental Controls click on "Internet" panel then click Install next to Parental Control..

    Parental Controls
    Filters and blocks inappropriate websites and limits time spent online
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    I am afraid but I don't think its possible outside the parental control. You may want to try to test it as indicated here: using wildcard instead of a single web address.

    I would nevetheless try to check with the official support if they are better informed. If you have a valid license you can contact, free of charge, the ZA technical support at the link in my signature (look for the live chat link).


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    Try Privoxy (not for the new user!) to block top level domains by wildcards.

    Make sure the user action is enabled in the config file and then add this to the user action file:

    {+block{block unwanted TLDs.} -handle-as-image}

    .xxx # pornograghy sites

    (see for the complete list of TLD's).

    Note: the browser's proxy connection must be enabled to and the privoxy'x config file must be edited to not allow the "go there anyways" feature ( or else the user still is able to go to unwanted sites).
    Best regards.

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