Hi. I'm running ZA Free Firewall on a Windows 7 Professional 64-bit host and cannot save settings. Description:
  • ZA Icon -> right click -> Show Monitor
  • COMPUTER (tab)-> Basic Firewall
  • Advanced Settings button
  • View Zones "horizontal tab"
  • Add >> button -> Subnet
    • Trusted
    • Home LAN
  • OK button
  • Now these settings are nicely shown in the View Zones tab
  • Trying to save these settings by pressing the OK button (hence in the Firewall Settings panel)
  • Nothing happens (upon pressing the button becomes blue, but settings are not saved and the program does not return to the COMPUTER tab of the main window.
  • The same behavior is seen when selecting View Zones directly from the Basic Firewall field.
  • There are more problems...
  • Going to the Application Control settings -> View Programs -> Add button, I can browse to and select C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe.
  • Upon clicking on the browser widget's Open button, I expected the java executable to turn up in the Application Control window, but is remaining completely empty (white fields are completely white)
  • I don't see any natural way of running the "Show Monitor" program as administrator.
  • I have user account control turned on.
Any tips? I guess i'm the only one facing this problem.