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Thread: ZA Extreme: TClock and LClock conflicts

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    Default ZA Extreme: TClock and LClock conflicts

    The latest ZA update not only blocks TClock, but LClock, and several other utilities that replace the simple time in the task bar. If I turn off ZA Extreme Security, all of those programs will run. I've read all the other replies and I've made sure that the TClock execute file is allowed all privileges in ZA, Super Trusted. Seems like some programmer got a little too careful this time around.


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    Default Re: The latest ZA update not only blocks TClock, but LClock

    Sorry all user here, no ZA staff montioring here. For these types of reports you need to contact directly the ZA official technical support at the link in my signature (look for the live chat link).

    Explain well how to replicate the problem and where to download those software. Depending how widespread are those tools and the amount of users reporting it to ZA you can expect ZA development looking at the issue beofre than later.

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    Default Re: ZA Extreme: TClock and LClock conflicts

    Both of these utilities are so out of date there no longer being actively developed or supported. They don't support modern day OS's like Vista or Win 7

    Very doubtful we will test or make compatible A freeware utility thats no longer supported or developed.

    Better to find a replacement program that actively developed instead.

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