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Thread: Upgrade to ZA, WIN7 from ZA 9.3, issues

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    Default Upgrade to ZA, WIN7 from ZA 9.3, issues

    Hi all,
    I've been using ZA for what seems forever and love the product. Seems something is going on with this latest version though.
    I am running Vista64 upgraded to Win7 Home 64 - not SP1 (locked up when I tried so I restored back to prior and left it as is).
    In the process of renewing my ZA subscription I downloaded ZAES ZASPSetupWeb_101_065_000 and proceeded to install it.
    The install said I had a ZA version and it wanted to upgrade it. (I think the version I had was 93_037_000) I continued through the process.
    When done I lost all inet connectivity. I went to my den and checked and the inet was just fine so I knew it was something in the upgrade. I looked through all the preferences and nothing stuck out as the culprit. I did a release/renew on my NIC to make sure it wasn't a problem there.
    I tried to uninstall and it left remnants, so that didn't work - looked on ZA site and found how to manually uninstall. I found a broken link to a "clean" program so I couldn't use that to clean it up. (I since have found a valid link here although haven't tried it yet) I thought I had everything removed per the manual uninstall and tried the .65 install again. Still saw ZA somewhere on the PC and wanted to upgrade. I stopped and went back to 93_037_000, which installed fine and inet worked fine.
    I then upgraded it to ZASPSetup_100_250_000_en which seems to be working fine with the exception that I can no longer upgrade it anymore - says error on all steps.
    Hope I'm not stuck here.
    I just purchased a OEM version of Win7x64 Home SP1 OS and when it gets here I will blow this PC away and start with a fresh OS. Then I want to install the latest ZA. Shows I still have about 30 days on the existing subscription so that won't be a problem - will have everything up and running within that timeframe. Wanted to make sure it wasn't on my end before I try to install again.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Upgrade to ZA 10.1.65, WIN7 from ZA 9.3, issues

    I have revised the title to hint to the actual issues you are experiencing. This will help users with similar problems

    From you describe there could be a lot of different things that could have gone wrong. From upgrading your OS without removing ZA to use old instructions (for version 9) to remove your version 10, etc...

    If you are planning to clean up fully your PC anyway then better to do so and then installating of ZA will be "troubleless".

    Be sure to first, turn ON windows 7 firewall, update your WIN7 with all patches and security updates (essential!) and before installing anything else install the latest ZA Extreme

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    Default Re: Upgrade to ZA 10.1.65, WIN7 from ZA 9.3, issues

    Will do - should have the new OS in a few days.

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