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    I have just bought a new machine with WIN7 Professional/64 bit and I have installed ZAES 10.1.065 (after uninstall of McAfee and further cleaning with proper programs): everything works well, no problems, but yesterday the machine downloaded from Microsoft update the so called "Windows Defender" I do not know at all.
    Looking for the matter in the forum I found this 3d
    from which I understand it would be better to uninstall Windows Defender...
    Am I right ?
    Thank You in advance for Your help !

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    Quote Originally Posted by radetzky View Post
    I Am I right ?
    Thank You in advance for Your help !
    No, thats an old post about a ZA 9 build. ZA works fine with windows defender and there is no reasons to remove it.
    Windows defender is pre-installed on all win7 machines and definition updates are downloaded from MS. All third party tools (including security ones) are designed to work along windows defender including ZA.

    Unless you are referring to a rouge windows defender you can install from pseudo microsoft web pages. For the latter case see here:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance

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