I have ZA Antivirus, auto-updated to the latest version; and Windows XP SP3 (on two different PC's).

EVERY time I turn on my computers it runs a security scan and a software, even though I have the Scheduled Tasks set to:

Quick Scan - every 2 weeks
Normal Scan - disabled
Deep Scan - disabled

Product Update - disabled


EVERY freakin' time I turn on my PC (INCLUDING come out of hibernation on my notebook) it runs a quick scan and a product update.

(I turn on both PC's at least once per day, but often reboot/hibernate and it runs another scan/update. Even if it didn't happen after reboot, the quick scan should not be running EVERY day.)

Sidenote: Why am I so upset at this? Because it grinds my computers to a slow crawl when these updates are running. This latest version is horrible. :-(