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Thread: Can't uninstall Zonealarm completely

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    Default Can't uninstall Zonealarm completely

    Hello all,

    I'm turning to the community on this as I'm given no support from Zalabs. i'm in a terrible situation where I can't uninstall ZA and I have a broken system until it gets removed. Does anyone know the best way to uninstall ZA 10 from a windows 7 64bit computer? I've already run clean.exe and tried following the manual removal steps for ZA 9, but no go, I still have no way to access the web. I'm sitting behind mounds of work that depend on me having this system working. Help!

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    It is Sometimes very Difficult to Diagnose and fix a Computer from halfway across the Country, or around the World, without All the Details about your computer and Software that you failed to provide, without our ability to sit in front of your Computer monitor and see what's going on..

    *** NOTICE:

    Whenever posting here- or Contacting ZA Tech Support, it is always advisable to list Full details of your Computer: also is this aDeskTop, Laptop computer or Netbook.

    Give the Exact Type and version of Zone Alarm used, Windows Version used, Browser type and version, other security tools installed.

    Have you tried already with the
    You should run it as administrator in VISTA/Win7.

    If this fails look at the manual procedure:

    I cannot find or run the ZoneAlarm uninstall program (Vista/Win7)
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