There's a problem with Alcohol 52% and ZA Internet Security Suite I guess it would apply to other flavors of ZA.

What happens is when ZA is installed, Alcohol never runs. The drivers to mount images does not work and the context menu to mount an image never appears. Attempting to run the Alcohol 52% GUI itself fails with the error before the GUI loads:

Loading Alcohol device drivers failed!
Emulation options and native driver interface of Alcohol 52% will not be available.

The emulated drives do not show up in the GUI.

Trying to rerun the Alcohol installer fails with a cryptic error message. It won't run until Alcohol is uninstalled and then ZA is uninstalled. Alcohol then reinstalls. Reinstalling ZA after that causes Alcohol to break again.

Alcohol runs fine with ZA ISS 9.x.

I have the latest Alcohol 52% version, I am running Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 64 bit.