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Thread: How to Permit Application I.P.'s In ZA Free Version ?

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    Default How to Permit Application I.P.'s In ZA Free Version ?

    I run ZA Free Version in WIN 64 64bit.

    I recently had a problem getting a music server . a Logitec "Squeezebox" to be recognised by ZA - ( it ran OK with ZA>Computer>Application Control switched OFF ) . In previous versions of ZA I handled these problems by including the IP of any App which I wanted to have "allowed web access" in ZA by typing in these IP's but I cannot see anywhere to do this in this version of ZA .

    How and/or where is this organised in ZA v. ?

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    Default Re: How to Permit Application I.P.'s In ZA Free Version ?

    Free ZA (old or new) does not have an option for application control by IP. You can only add the IP at global level (firewall section).
    You need to go to "zones" and add it there as TRUSTED.
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