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    Default ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version:

    I have problems with this update Zone Alarm Extreme Security version: It break my Web security on all 3 of my Win7 64bit PCs.

    I have be using ZA since the early releases and have been happy with the product till recently and in particular the V10 series.

    On installing version over it broke the web security, i.e. no site checking, no vitalization and no ZA down loader with checker.

    I uninstalled ZAX completely used the CLEAN utility and did a reg clean and re-installed still the same problem. Checked this forum for alternative options to clean out ZAX all tried still the problem remains. Contact ZA support carried out all the procedures to get rid of ZAX that they suggested all to no avail the problem still exists. One of the advisor's suggested going back to V9. WHAT, go back to a version they will not support to get rid of a problem they created!!!!!

    I paid good money for this product and expect it to work as advertised. It seam to me that Checkpoint are using the customer as beta testers.

    How many other users are having the same or similar problems with ZAX?

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