HI all

this is starting to get a bit tiresome ,
first of all I tried to install a new usb network card , everything seemed to work fine except I could get the device to work .......

I stumble on a post that said you need to remove ZA install the Lan drivers and software and reinstall ZA ....
so first i tried to just turn off ZA and install with no luck ....
second uninstalled ZA installed the usb lan software and hey presto IT WORKED .
reinstalled ZA and all was good

now I have had to do the exact same thing with some Car diagnostic software that uses the USB port to communicate to the car ECU and systems ( this is ross-tech VCDS software).
except now I have to turn off the za software as well to allow it to run , even though I have told ZA in the program control not to touch it ?????

has anybody got any pointers or any reasons why this is happening???

many thanks