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Thread: Zonealarm and CST => contact the company that makes the CST software

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    Default Zonealarm and CST => contact the company that makes the CST software


    I have a program of electromagnetic simulations (CST) with few modules and solvers. I checked every line in zonealarm and allowed all the programs (or processus) in zonealarm which has something to do with CST. What I can't make working is only the transient solver in CST.

    When I close Zonealarm, everything works fine even with the Firewall of windows 7 64 bits.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Default Re: Zonealarm and CST

    This is such a specialized software that you are unlikely to get other users helping here. But you never know.

    If you are not on the latest version (ZAfree, try to fully remove your version before installing the latest. Install with default settings and see if there is any improvement.

    Also try to contact the manufacturer of that software, they may be aware of the ZA settings needed for it to work. Check the various sections of the ZA logs (programs, firewall, etc) and see if ZA record any blockage.

    Sorry I have no other suggestions for your issue.


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    Default Re: Zonealarm and CST

    thanks a lot for your help. I will try and keep people aware about the result

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    Default Re: Zonealarm and CST

    Since this very specialized software I suggest to contact the company that makes the software and and insist there support test it with ZA.

    They can download any version of ZA as a free fully working trial good for 30days so they can do testing.

    They may be able to figure out the proper settings faster than you can.

    Honestly ZA support probably cant fix this because its not your ordinary software that home PC user install and use on a daily basis.

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