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Thread: [SOLVED] Zone Alarm screens 'dead' => Don't Auto load Google Chrome

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    Default [SOLVED] Zone Alarm screens 'dead' => Don't Auto load Google Chrome

    My copy of Zone Alarm Pro has its license renewed recently, at the time I found some of the Windows where inoperative, difficult to describe, I have done a screen dump but as I/we cannot post attachments I will try and host it then post a link.

    I use both IE and Google Chrome, usually without any problems but today when I try to open Chrome I get a Zone Alarm warning box in the bottom, right hand corner saying 'Repeat Program' name of program and that 'Advice is not yet available for this program. Unfortunately the boxes at the bottom with the options to Deny/Allow are empty with a red rectangle only showing. There is no way to close this box and I can only remove it from the screen by rebooting.

    If I open Zone Alarm and go to any of the options, every single window that opens is the same, filled with blank, red rectangles. i have no way of configuring anything.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm screens 'dead'


    I rebooted and opened Zone Alarm 'before' trying to open Google Chrome. All the screens are now operative and I was able to set permissions for Chrome, for some reason it was trying to open Chrome and getting the warning pop up that was causing Zone Alarm to stutter.


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