Hi, I have just started using the Identity Protection feature in ZA Extreme. Quoting from the online help manual (please forgive the long quote).....

"When you or someone using your computer attempts to send myVAULT data in an e-mail message, ZoneAlarm security software displays an alert asking you whether to allow the information to be sent. If you want to always allow or always block the information from being sent to this destination, before clicking Yes or No select the check box labeled "Do you want to remember this answer..." to add the destination to your Trusted Sites list with the corresponding permission set automatically."

I have tested the ID Protection by sending info to my own email and as described it pops up an alert - however there is no check-box asking me "remember this answer" as described above. If I permit the transmission then it sets the email domain to always permit transmission and vice-verca if I deny transmission. Have I missed a setting somewhere or is this no longer a feature of the latest ZA Extreme?

Zone Alarm Extreme
Win 7 Home Premium 32bit (fully updated)
Firefox browser

Thanks in advance.