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Thread: ZA free to ZA Pro?

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    I tried to upgrade from ZA free to ZA Pro and after the upgrade my system would not boot up windows. I unchecked run at start up,rebooted, uninstalled ZA free from the control panel, rebooted then ran the clean utility.Did everything that says on this link then installed ZA Pro. After rebooting windows would load to ZA start up and would shut down. I had to go into safe mode to uninstall the pro version then reinstall the free version. Any one have ideas why I can't get the Pro version to work? I am running Win Vista Home Basic.And have the newest version of both free and Pro versions of ZA. Thanks.

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    That instructions are for the old version of ZA. Can you provide more information on what else is running at boot in your system (e.g. antivirus software exact versions, backup, utilitilies, MBAM, etc).

    What version of ZA free did you install? Which clean utility did you use to remove ZA?
    If you install ZAfree back does it work?

    More information you post more likely other users here will be able to help you.

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