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The Random AV Scan was fixed by Deleting and un-installing your Current Zone Alarm and Install a Clean copy of Zone Alarm, accept the Default settings and do not restore saved setting..

Sticky: [FIXED] Auto-Scan on Windows start-up <== click here
Guru, Hi,
I'm having a similar problem with ZoneAlarm Extreme (XP SP 3) since upgrading with the new app.
Every time I start up my computer, in 'Scheduled Tasks' the
'Anti-Virus Quick Scan, Normal Scan & Deep Scan' are all enabled, even after I disabled them before the last time I turned off the computer.
When I turn the computer on all these areas are now enabled again. ??
In other words, these 'Scheduled Tasks' won't stay disabled.

Do I have to do a clean install, and will I have to re-register ZoneAlarm again.

Any help will be appreciated.
Mr T